Somerset B5684
Finish: Butternut, Omari Natural Fabric
Every aspect of the Somerset bedroom collection feels fresh and inspiring. Its soft curves and rounded angles are easy on the eyes and lend a feeling of energy and youthfulness. Dreamy bed designs capture the imagination and create a focal point for the overall room aesthetic. Smart storage pieces complete the look while ensuring clothing and clutter can be organized with ease. Finished in a soft shade of Butternut that accentuates its knotty White Oak veneer patterns, these gorgeous bedroom designs feel modern yet timeless. Bold graphite hardware provides contrast to the relaxed finish and adds another layer of visual interest to the case pieces. Together, the design elements of the Somerset bedroom collection combine to create a serene atmosphere that feels like an oasis from the outside world.

B5684-40 - Landscape Mirror

Product Information
  • B5684-40: Landscape Mirror
  • 40"W x 1.75"D x 38"H
  • 101.6cm W x 4.45cm D x 96.52cm H

  • Construction & Features:
    • 5mm clear glass w/ 1" bevel.

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