Fresh. Unique. Eclectic. Our accent program offers eye-catching pieces that add character to a room. It’s that touch of color. That hint of sophistication. A charming cabinet that works in the dining room or as a TV console. As much a feeling as a collection, our accent program makes it easy to create a space that reflects your personality. Choose your favorite accent pieces and bring your style to life.

  • A6008 - Mosaic
    Finish: Truffle, Swiss Latte, White Chocolate
    Lifestyle: Global Vistas
  • A6041 - Mosaic
    Finish: Weathered Ebony, Sterling Grey
    Lifestyle: Global Vistas
  • A6043 - Mosaic
    Finish: Scarlet, Weathered Cotton, Weathered Ebony
    Lifestyle: Global Vistas
  • A6060 - Mosaic
    Finish: Adobe Brown
    Lifestyle: Global Vistas
  • A6086 - Mosaic
    Finish: Weathered Midnight, Weathered Navy
    Lifestyle: Global Vistas
  • A6087 - Mosaic
    Finish: Weathered Fog, Swiss Latte, Weathered Cotton
    Lifestyle: Global Vistas
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