Glenbrook B5668
Finish: Pebble, M10868 Natural Fabric
With casual traditional roots, the Glenbrook bedroom collection offers an array of inspiring design details. Its timeless silhouettes and classical design elements feel familiar yet refreshed and are sure to enhance any bedroom. A soft, easygoing Pebble finish brings to life its Birch veneers and hardwood solids while complementing any décor scheme. These classic designs feature panel detailing and metal hardware in Tarnished Silver that lends a touch of sparkle and reflectivity to the room. Storage pieces merge function and fashion to ensure there’s a place for everything and everything has its place. Creating a beautifully functional bedroom has never been easier than with the smart styling of these Glenbrook furnishings.

B5668-05 - Open Nightstand

Product Information
  • B5668-05: Open Nightstand
  • 24"W x 17.25"D x 28.75"H
  • 60.96cm W x 43.81cm D x 73.03cm H

  • Construction & Features:
    • 1 felt lined drawer on top.
    • 2 fixed bottom wood shelves.
    • tinted drawer w/english dovetail in front & english in back.
    • side mount ball bearing guides.
    • sealed case piece.
    • wire management.
    • levelers.
    • USB charger.
    • weight capacity: 50 lbs for top, 100 lbs for each shelf.

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