Bay Creek B4398
Finish: Toasted Nutmeg
Retreat to Bay Creek and enjoy a yummy Toasted Nutmeg finish on Pine veneer and solids, accented by aged bronze hardware. Whether in a second home, a casual city abode or in the suburbs, this collection offers beaded, framed panel drawers over straight shaker inspired legs and plenty of drawers to stow your togs. The rectangular panel bed offers a tailored respite as well a storage rails alternative.

B4398-59B - Complete Queen Lamp Panel Storage Bed

Product Information
  • B4398-59B: Complete Queen Lamp Panel Storage Bed
  • 64.25"W x 94.5"D x 68"H
  • 163.19cm W x 240.03cm D x 172.72cm H

  • Construction & Features:
    • bolt-on rails.
    • slat roll for storage footboard.
    • storage footboard w/2 drawers.
    • 2 LED lamps shipped with headboard.
    • touch lighting control on back of headboard for LED lamps.
    • floor protectors.

  • B4398-54R: Wood Queen/King Panel Bed Regular Rails SU
    1.75"W x 82"D x 14"H

    B4398-58SF: Wood Queen Panel Bed Storage Footboard SU
    64.25"W x 19"D x 20.13"H

    B4398-59H: Wood Queen Panel Bed Headboard w/2 Lamps KD
    63.5"W x 1.75"D x 68"H

    Headboard can be sold separately
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