Lynnfield B5487
Finish: Weathered Fawn, Weathered Bronze, M10489R Natural Fabric
Sweet dreams and smart storage are at the heart of the Lynnfield bedroom collection. Crafted of Argentinian Pine veneers and solids, these timeless designs capture the warmth of vintage furnishings while elevating the look with modern sensibility. A soft Weathered Fawn finish highlights the group’s distinctive paneled elements and the timeless detailing of these versatile beds and storage pieces. Weathered Bronze hardware provides another layer of texture and visual appeal. Capturing an ageless vibe that’s charming from every angle, Lynnfield is distinguished by its character and revered for its authenticity.

B5487-20 - Drawer Dresser

Product Information
  • B5487-20: Drawer Dresser
  • 68"W x 19"D x 38"H
  • 172.72cm W x 48.26cm D x 96.52cm H

  • Construction & Features:
    • 6 drawers with appearance of 7 drawers ,including 3 felt lined top drawers.
    • 2 wood doors on bottom sides ; 1 adj.wood shelf behind each door.
    • tinted drawers w/french dovetail in front & english in back.
    • side mount ball bearing guides.
    • sealed case piece.
    • decorative metal nuts & bolts on top apron.
    • support leg w/ levelers.
    • levelers.

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