UPHOLSTERY - Quality, service, design, one stitch at a time

Remarkable style, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional tailoring, Magnussen Upholstery features 8 gauge narrow loop sinuous springs, high resiliency foam cushion cores, plush down / poly blend seating, kiln dried hard wood frames that are corner blocked, nailed and glued. Construction that exceeds the industry standards for quality, and styling that parallels that of high end custom design houses.
Look for Modern, Traditional / Transitional and Casual styling wrapped in soft supple leathers, luxurious designer fabrics, accented with Magnussen’s hardwood trim, bases, and legs in unique warm rich finishes complement our Occasional Table Collections and many of the products in the Magnussen Home line.
  • U2537G
    U2537G - Victoria
    Finish: None
  • U2541
    U2541 - Grant
    Finish: Trim Finish: Cherry.
  • U2627P
    U2627P - Desseray
    Finish: None
  • U3001C
    U3001C - Stinson
    Finish: Toffee
  • U3080I
    U3080I - Beverly
    Finish: Umbria
  • U3088B
    U3088B - Houston
    Finish: None
  • U3381S
    U3381S - Miles
    Finish: Chestnut
  • U3383I
    U3383I - Skylar
    Finish: Stainless Steel
  • U3387C
    U3387C - Della
    Finish: Dark Walnut
  • U3388P
    U3388P - Bette
    Finish: Burnished Pewter
  • U3412I
    U3412I - Regent
    Finish: Oak
  • U3431T
    U3431T - Colburn
    Finish: Wire Brushed Oak
  • U3439I
    U3439I - Christi
    Finish: Lime white
  • U3441I
    U3441I - Lanie
    Finish: Brown
  • U3446A
    U3446A - Janie
    Finish: Golden
  • U3617S
    U3617S - Payton
    Finish: Light Grey
  • U3620G
    U3620G - Townsend
    Finish: Light Grey
  • U3629I
    U3629I - Swan
    Finish: Walnut
  • U3681P
    U3681P - Hancock Park
    Finish: Vintage White
  • U3750G
    U3750G - Perry
    Finish: Gold
  • U3822G
    U3822G - Wrigley
    Finish: Espresso
  • U3885B
    U3885B - Miranda
    Finish: Espresso
  • U4066T
    U4066T - Rosslyn
    Finish: Espresso
  • U4077A
    U4077A - Presley
    Finish: Coffee
  • U4081S
    U4081S - Millbourne
    Finish: Burnished Caramel
  • U4082I
    U4082I - Casselberry
    Finish: Pewter
  • U4086S
    U4086S - Caelyn
    Finish: Bronze
  • U4231P
    U4231P - Dori
    Finish: Stainless
  • U4234S
    U4234S - Dempsey
    Finish: Chestnut
  • U4235I
    U4235I - Adelaide
    Finish: Burnished Black
  • U4236I
    U4236I - Sophia
    Finish: Bronze
  • U4249T
    U4249T - Colbie
    Finish: Weathered Charcoal
  • U4250B
    U4250B - Frisco
    Finish: Weathered Black
  • U4250G
    U4250G - Frisco
    Finish: Weathered Black
  • U4250I
    U4250I - Frisco
    Finish: Weathered Black
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