DINING COLLECTIONS – Bringing Flavor, Fun and Fashion to the table

We offer a wide selection of casual dining room furniture including buffets, dining room tables, dining room chairs, china cabinets, storage cabinets, and more. With traditional, modern and casual styles you can create the perfect place to entertain family and friends in your home.
  • D2491
    D2491 - Bellamy
    Finish: Peppercorn
  • D2503
    D2503 - Rothman
    Finish: Warm stained
  • D3804
    D3804 - Abington
    Finish: Weathered Charcoal
  • D4209
    D4209 - Willoughby
    Finish: Weathered Barley
  • D4210
    D4210 - St. Claire
    Finish: Rustic Pine
  • D4398
    D4398 - Bay Creek
    Finish: Toasted Nutmeg, Aged Bronze Metal, Baja Fog Fabric
  • D4399
    D4399 - Westley Falls
    Finish: Graphite, Aged Pewter Metal, Baja Fog Fabric
  • D4400
    D4400 - Heron Cove
    Finish: Chalk White, Aged Pewter Metal, Baja Fog Fabric
  • D4436
    D4436 - Bronwyn
    Finish: Alabaster, Antique Brass w/Pewter Overlay, Baja Natural Fabric
  • D4646
    D4646 - Tinley Park
    Finish: Dove Tail Grey
  • D4796
    D4796 - Sloan
    Finish: Peppercorn
  • D4805
    D4805 - Paxton Place
    Finish: Dovetail Grey, Weathered Bronze Metal, Baja Fog Fabric
  • D4864
    D4864 - Alys Beach
    Finish: Dark: Stormy Sea, Wood: Driftwood, White: Cultured Pearl, Bright Pewter, M10542 Oyster
  • D4994
    D4994 - Palisade
    Finish: Sandblasted Sandstone, 9287-7 Fabric
  • D4995
    D4995 - Wentworth Village
    Finish: Sandblasted Oxford Black, 9287-7 Fabric
  • D5011
    D5011 - Roxbury Manor
    Finish: Homestead Brown, 9287-3 Fabric
  • D5013
    D5013 - Ryker
    Finish: Nocturn Black, Coventry Grey, Fabric: Stellar Quicksand,PU: Pecos Black, Clear Glass, Midnight Glass, Midnight Mirror, Aged Brass Metal
Not all products available in all locations.