Proximity Heights
Finish: Smoke Anthracite

Proximity Heights bedroom lures with sophisticated and tailored Asian influences in a lush smoke Anthracite finish, offset with brushed white bronze hardware. Well executed clean lines echo Ming influences for sleek interest as open rectangular bases uniquely support the cabinets and chests. The Pattern bed features an outstanding woven design with a lattice-like appearance and optional footboard storage while a sleek horizontal channel upholstered headboard lends subtle style.

B4450-63A - Complete King Panel Storage Bed
Product Information
  • B4450-63A: Complete King Panel Storage Bed
  • 80"W x 86"D x 62"H
  • 203.2cm W x 218.44cm D x 157.48cm H

  • Construction & Features:
    • bolt-on rails.
    • slat roll for storage footboard.
    • storage footboard w/2 drawers.

  • B4450-51R: Wood Queen/King Bed Rails for Storage Footboard SU
    2.13"W x 82"D x 16"H

    B4450-61F: Wood King Bed Storage Footboard SU
    79.25"W x 18.75"D x 20"H

    B4450-63H: Wood King Panel Bed Headboard KD
    79.25"W x 2"D x 62"H

  • Headboard can be sold separately

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