Aware of the growing need to preserve the planet, Magnussen furniture is making strides in developing environmentally conscious programs for the company and the furnishings it produces. Sustainability is more than program; we see it as a way of life. The Magnussen team is empowered to think “green” and pursue solutions that emphasize reducing waste and using sustainable elements - all while meeting our customers’ needs.
  • Recycling
  • Digital Catalogs
  • Efficient Manufacturing
  • Sustainable Forestry
  • Packaging Materials
  • Intelligent Design
  • High Quality Design
We believe that recycling is critical to pollution prevention: Computers, ink cartridges, batteries, paper, cardboard, fluorescent bulbs, cans, glass and bottles, etc. Because each employee owns a stake in our company, he or she is motivated to recycle whenever possible.
AS a means further preserving our environment, we offer a digital catalog on our website. We also provide printed catalogs for customers who prefer them. As businesses continue to expand their internet capabilities, Magnussen's long term goal is to steadily guide our customers exclusively to the digital catalog.
Our efficient manufacturing process reduces cost, material waste and increases productivity, which in turn allows us to pass savings on to our customers and reduces our factories carbon footprint.
We support reforestation programs that replace trees used in the production of the company's furnishings.
Whenever possible, we minimize the amount of packaging materials used to ship our furniture and use recycled or easily recyclable packing materials. We are diligently working toward eliminating all Styrofoam packaging. You can be rest assured that your furniture is securely packed and will arrive safely.
We design our product for optimal manufacturability in order to reduce energy use and material waste. Our designs take into account more than just visual forms, we think about the entire product including its market place, who the customer is, where they are located, packaging and product's intended life span.
High Quality Design: Our furniture is built to last. We believe the best way to conserve environmental resources is to design and manufacture furniture of such impeccable quality that is will last for generations. Nothing is more wasteful than disposable furniture. We use time-tested joinery and construction, combined with durable finishes and quality hardware.