Our family tradition of creating quality products that offer unbeatable value and quality for our customers began nearly 100 years ago. Our Next Generation Youth & Second Bedroom program shares this commitment to superior craftsmanship, style and affordability.

While most youth furniture is built to last only until it’s outgrown, Next Generation is Made to Grow and Built to Last. It’s designed to carry your child from kid to college and beyond with the style, selection and quality you’ve come to expect from Magnussen Home Furnishings. Our collections ability to transition over time and compliment other rooms also makes them ideal choices for second and third bedrooms.
  • Y1873
    Y1873 - Riley
    Finish: Cherry
  • Y1874
    Y1874 - Bennett
    Finish: Black
  • Y1875
    Y1875 - Kenley
    Finish: White
  • Y2590
    Y2590 - Calistoga
    Finish: Weathered Charcoal
  • Y4097
    Y4097 - Easton
    Finish: Dark Chocolate
  • Y4398
    Y4398 - Bay Creek
    Finish: Toasted nutmeg
  • Y4399
    Y4399 - Westley Falls
    Finish: Graphite
  • Y4400
    Y4400 - Heron Cove
    Finish: Chalk White
Not all products available in all locations.