ENTERTAINMENT - Let us entertain your room

We offer a stylish selection of media options, providing the perfect setting to entertain your family and friends. Magnussen Home media units are designed with an eye for detail and flair. Whether you are dreaming of a large entertainment console or just need something stylish to hold your TV, you’ll find it here.
  • E2491
    E2491 - Bellamy
    Finish: Peppercorn
  • E2590
    E2590 - Calistoga
    Finish: Weathered Charcoal.
  • E3269
    E3269 - Harper Farm
    Finish: Warm pine
  • E3272
    E3272 - Laurel Garden
    Finish: Soft White
  • E3521
    E3521 - Cottage Lane
    Finish: Coffee
  • E3778
    E3778 - Garrett
    Finish: Weathered charcoal
  • E3779
    E3779 - Fraser
    Finish: Rustic pine
  • E3804
    E3804 - Abington
    Finish: Weathered charcoal
  • E4097
    E4097 - Easton
    Finish: Dark chocolate
  • E4208
    E4208 - Griffith
    Finish: Weathered toffee
  • E4344
    E4344 - Prescott
    Finish: Rustic honey, Distressed iron
  • E4352
    E4352 - Lancaster
    Finish: Dove tail grey
  • E4450
    E4450 - Proximity Heights
    Finish: Smoke anthracite
  • E4481
    E4481 - Stratton
    Finish: Warm nutmeg
  • E4646
    E4646 - Tinley Park
    Finish: Dove tail grey
Not all products available in all locations.